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Data Amp で発表された migration service の内容を整理してみる

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Data Ampde で新しいサービスとして「migration service」が発表されました。
Cloud Platform Release Announcements for April 19, 2017

Azure SQL DB preferred dev environment| Migration service + SQL DB expanded support

New migration service in Azure and expanded support in SQL Database
At Microsoft Data Amp we’re announcing limited previews for a new migration service and expanded SQL Database support for existing SQL Server databases. The new migration service will help you move existing SQL Server and Oracle databases to Azure SQL Database or SQL Server in an Azure virtual machine. Additionally, the expanded support in SQL Database will bring native VNET support and a large set of SQL server instance level features to help streamline lift and shift to Azure. Apply to participate in the limited preview today.

Data Amp のキーノートについては、Microsoft Data Amp 2017 | Keynotes  から見ることができます。
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Written by Masayuki.Ozawa

4月 24th, 2017 at 12:30 am