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SQL Server 2016 RC0 の情報を追ってみる

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今週、SQL Server 2016 RC0 についての情報が公開され、教えていただいた情報含め現状公開されている情報をメモとして。

Data Driven 以降に、いろいろな情報出てくるのでしょうかね。

What’s New in SQL Server 2016 Release Candidate (RC0)

RC0 の変更点の概要は以下になるようです。

Database Engine – new this month

Support for UTF-8 – bcp Utility, BULK INSERT, and OPENROWSET now support the UTF-8 code page. For more information, see those topics and Create a Format File (SQL Server).

New string functions – STRING_SPLIT (Transact-SQL) and STRING_ESCAPE (Transact-SQL) are added.

New JSON_MODIFY function. The built-in support for JSON also now includes the JSON_MODIFY (Transact-SQL) function. Use the JSON_MODIFY function to update the value of a property in a JSON string and return the updated JSON string.

New or improved in Stretch Database

  • New preview version on Azure. A preview of a new version of Stretch Database on Azure that supports one petabyte of data is now available. To register for preview access, go to SQL Server Stretch Database preview.

  • Azure Active Directory authentication. The option to use a federated service account for SQL Server to communicate with the remote Azure SQL Database server when certain conditions are true no longer requires a trace flag. For more info, see Enable Stretch Database for a database.

Parallel scan of nonclustered indexes on MEMORY_OPTIMIZED tables: Now all indexes on MEMORY_OPTIMIZED tables support parallel scan. This speeds the performance of analytical queries that scan large sets of data.

For more detailed what’s new information and information on previous months, see What’s New in Database Engine.

New values for the model database and default values for new databases (which are based on model). The initial size of the data and log files is now 8 MB. The default auto-growth of data and log files is now 64MB.

Autogrow options: Trace flag 1117 is replaced by the AUTOGROW_SINGLE_FILE and AUTOGROW_ALL_FILES option of ALTER DATABASE, and trace flag 1117 has no affect. For more information, see ALTER DATABASE File and Filegroup Options (Transact-SQL) and the new is_autogrow_all_files column of sys.filegroups (Transact-SQL).

Allocation of mixed extents: Trace flag 1118 is replaced with the SET MIXED_PAGE_ALLOCATION option of ALTER DATABASE, and trace flag 1118 has no affect. For more information, see ALTER DATABASE SET Options (Transact-SQL), and the new is_mixed_page_allocation_on column of sys.databases (Transact-SQL).

SQL Server Management Tools: SQL Server Management Tools is no longer installed from the main feature tree; for details see Install SQL Server Management Tools.

For more detailed what’s new information and information on previous months, see What’s New in Database Engine.


What’s New in Database Engine



New hybrid offerings deliver bottomless capacity for today’s data explosion


This week we are introducing the SQL Server 2016 Release Candidate with new hybrid enhancements available in preview



SQL Server Stretch Database の価格

SQL Server 2016 では Stretch Database が使用できますので、こちらについても RC についての言及があります。

Can I use Stretch Database with an Azure SQL Database?

Stretch Database currently supports stretching to an Azure SQL Database as part of the early preview process up to SQL Server 2016 RC0. Starting with the next release, RC1, Stretch Database will not be compatible with Azure SQL Database. You can neither stretch an Azure SQL Database to Stretch Database nor stretch a SQL Server table or database into Azure SQL Database. If you would like to stretch your Azure SQL Database, please provide detailed feedback here

RC0 では SQL Database に対してのストレッチができますが、RC1 では SQL Database と互換性がなくなり、ストレッチ先は、Stretch Database 専用になるんでしょうかね?

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